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"Last Boat XXV"

Starcraft Islander 225

First Aluminum boat, 22.5' Cuddy Cabin

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  1. Pictures being taken to locate waterline prior to painting. summer 2012

  2. This is Molly's Falls Pond not far from home.

  3. The pond is used to generate electricity. plenty of trout, loons, and perch

  4. Decals/letters removed

  5. Clean hull.

  6. Transom cleanup...

  7. Black bottom paint: "Interlux Pacifica Plus" for aluminum boats...

  8. Blue hull paint with flattener: "Interlux Brightside Flag Blue"...

  9. side

  10. transom

  11. Blue paint done & letters installed

  12. Fall is coming, time to get ready for winter camping in the keys...

  13. ...

  14. My cub tractor is handy for moving boats around the yard.
I installed a trailer hitch on the front as well as the rear.

  16. A 19' and 22' boat in shop. Will put the cub tractor and lawn tractor in as well prior to winter...